Please water (3) times a day until yard is looking pretty and green ●Then go to (1) time a day until you mow the first time ●Graduate down to (1) time a week and continue throughout year (winter included) and water thoroughly (deep).
Hand Watering ●This does not get even results. Please use some type of sprinkler.
Portable Sprinklers ● Water until nice and wet ● Move before puddling or running starts.
Automatic Sprinklers ● Pop-up type set for (2-5) minutes ● Rotary-type set for (7-15) minutes ● Please keep an eye on how wet it is getting as times may vary due to water pressure and volume ● If watering seems too wet or too dry, please adjust.

  • Will warrant against washing from natural rain and run-off, except where gutters dump and bottom of ditch lines, also where massive washing of soil occurs on slopes: I can stick to soil, but cannot keep soil from washing!
  • Will warrant germination and growth through first mowing(Bermuda); (Rye/Bermuda-only Rye is warranted in fall and both are warranted during the month of March). Centipede is warranted until 1" sprigs.
  • Not responsible for weeds or weed growth. Not responsible for dirt work or dirt repairs.

*If there is a problem, please contact me before 60 days from time of planting. After 60 days from planting, all warranties are void.